Is your diving experience slow and boring? The Subwing can change that.

Combining speed and diving, the Subwing is an entirely new underwater experience. Imagine being dragged behind a boat like a wakeboard, but underwater.


The contraption works using an attachment that is hooked up to a jet ski or boat. The person then holds on for dear life as he or she is being pulled to extreme speeds. The wing is foldable, allowing full control of depth and angle.


I recommend the Subwing for water sports enthusiasts who are looking for the next big thing that they can use to push themselves to the next level.

For an easier approach, the board can also be used above water, similar to a paddle board. You can’t stand on it, but you can hold on and experience high speeds.

Would you take the Subwing for a ride? Let us know what you think.

Subwing | The Gadget Flow

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