Yoga At Your Desk

Those of us who are stapled to our desks for long periods of time benefit from getting up and moving around – doing something active that get the muscles moving again.

It’s important to do this so you don’t develop back problems as well as improving circulation, creativity and concentration and much more – [see Why do yoga?]

Yoga @ Your Desk is a series of videos to teach us how to do this without leaving the chair. Now that’s productivity!

Also check out the unrelated Yoga Face Routine we wrote about.

Marcia Langenberg’s yoga practice during the last 18 years and her teaching during the last 11 years have enhanced her sense of well-being. Over the years, she has studied with different teachers through the Yoga Association of Alberta workshops, but primarily she has studied with Teddy Hyndman (Edmonton, AB), Sandra Sammartino (White Rock, BC) and Rosemary Antze (Toronto, ON).

Yoga @ Your Desk – [Centre4ActiveLiving] Via – [LifeDev]

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