Yes, you CAN travel in North Korea


North Korea is renowned to be the most isolated country on this planet – the last place anyone would imagine being allowed to travel to.  But Joanne and Gareth Morgan did it by motorcycle, and they brought back a video to show you what it’s like to travel in North Korea.

Here is how the trip has been described:

“In late August, the Morgans embarked on their most ambitious journey yet, at least physically. The real journey began years ago, when they decided they wanted to ride the Baekdudaegan, a mountain range that stretches the length of North and South Korea’s shared peninsula. After countless hours of negotiation and coordination with both governments, they were granted permission. It was, the Morgans believe, the first time anyone’s ever traveled through both countries like that since the partitioning of Korea in 1945. By making the trip they hoped to demonstrate how Koreans can come together over what they have in common. To symbolize this, the Morgans took some stones from Paektu, a holy mountain in the North, and brought them to Hallasan, a similarly sacred peak in the South.”

The video is a fascinating glimpse into what it’s like to travel inside the cloistered nation.

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