Would You Be Able To Forgive A Monster Who Murdered Your Child?


In 2000, Quaker Hector Black’s adopted daughter Patricia was brutally murdered by crack-addicted Ivan Simpson in Atlanta. Where many people would demand that the murderer of their daughter be sentenced to death or great suffering, Black and his wife Suzie did something different.

Since the trial, Black has developed a deeper relationship with Simpson. He has met his family, learnt more about his childhood and regularly exchanges letters with him in prison.

Would you be able to forgive like Black and his family have? Would you be able to open your heart to and devote time to someone who had devastated your life and ended the life of someone you loved? Personally, I don’t think I could, although I may be more angry with those who allowed Simpson to grow up in such a twisted environment rather than the man himself. What do you think?

Hector Black | Storycorps

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