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Why Your Oral Health Is So Important



Over 90% of systematic diseases show oral symptoms, this is only one reason as to why keeping a track on your oral health is so important. There are more than 500 types of bacteria are present in the mouth at any given time, though we have antibodies in our saliva that protect us against bacteria, viruses and proteins that protect the mouth from fungi.

So what’s the connection between our mouths and our overall body health?

Diabetes: Those suffering from diabetes are more at risk for gum disease, which in turn makes diabetes more difficult to control.

Cardiovascular health: Particular bacteria found in the mouth can lead to inflammation in the body.

Cancer: Research suggests that men with gum disease are 54% more likely to get pancreatic cancer, 49% more likely to get kidney cancer and 30% more likely to get blood cancers.

Pregnancy: Gum disease can put your baby at risk of being born premature and low weight.

To increase your oral health, it’s important that you brush your teeth twice a day, with a fluoride toothpaste and a soft-bristled brush. Ensure you floss and try switching some sweet, sticky foods to fruits and vegetables.

The Impact of Oral Health on Total Body Wellness | Sanford Dental Excellence

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