Sleep-Personality-quiz-infographicEveryone has a different sleep routine, but there’s one thing that absolutely loads of people find interrupting their sleep schedule on a nightly basis: technology. I have a seriously hard time sleeping, but that’s usually my own fault as I end up putting Netflix on after about fifteen minutes of being unable to sleep. So I am without a doubt what Comforpedic in this infographic calls a ‘Plugged “in” somniac’.

Electronics are a nightmare for many people when it comes to trying to sleep, if it’s not the TV it might be your phone or your laptop. Thankfully we can fix this and become sleeping pro’s if we just calm down and remember that sleeping is not a chore or an interruption in your day but a crucial part of life!

What’s Your Sleep Personality? | Comforpedic

Featured photo credit: What’s Your Sleep Personality? | Comforpedic via

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