There are some people who are afraid to drive at night, and according this infographic, they should be. We are all aware of many driving distractions like texting or driving drunk, but what about night time driving? Just how dangerous is it? This infographic shines some light on night driving, the dangers that come along with it and tips on staying safe.

As you’ll see, there’s a 300% increase in traffic death rates at night, and sadly 62% of all pedestrian fatalities happen at night. Since you can’t see as much of the road as you can during the day time, it’s important to give yourself more room to react as needed.

What You Should Know About Night Driving Infographic

As a safety precaution, it’s important to keep your headlights, tail lights and windows clean at all time. This will help greatly with night time visibility. Tailgating is never a good thing, but at night it’s a huge no-no. You want to increase your following distance from other cars as much as possible to help prevent accidents.

If you want to help others drive safely at night, be sure to share this infographic.

Shining a Light on Night Driving | The Express Lane

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