What keeps you awake? Review on Caffeine and Caffeinated drinks


Tech Manifesto has reviewed couple of high caffeinated energy drinks on the market. I always thought energy drink like Red Bull would have higher caffeine level than coffee, but I was wrong. Some interesting figures:

Red Bull: 80mgs in each 10 ounce can (8mgs per oz.)
Jolt Cola: 150mgs in each 23.5 ounce can (6.4mgs per oz.)
Mountain Dew: 55mgs in each 12 ounce bottle (4.5mgs per oz.)
Starbucks Brewed Coffee: 210mgs in each 16 ounce cup (13.2mgs per oz.)
Starbucks Doubleshot: 120mgs in each 6.5 ounce can (18mgs per oz.) (!!)

Read this article if you are interested on how caffeine works. We also had some discussions on how to give up coffee. What do you think of the caffeinate in general? Will you use those energy drinks to keep you awake for late nights?

What keeps you awake? – [Tech Manifesto]

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