I know, I know; we’re all aware of gender stereotyping and in a broader sense of the argument this could be a little silly, but the more we’re aware of the way society forces completely made-up rules on us the better. Here, Buzzfeed have re-imagined gender roles in the adult world:

Can you imagine if this was a real thing? What if girls were constantly questioned because they like so called “boy” things like games and having short hair, and guys were called weird if they wore pink or make-up… Oh wait.

This is a debate with many levels which needs more attention than ever as we become a more developed and open society. I personally think the whole idea of gender stereotyping is ultimately harmful, limiting and ridiculous. What do you think?

Childhood Gender Roles In Adult Life | Buzzfeed

Featured photo credit: Childhood Gender Roles In Adult Life | Buzzfeed via youtube.com

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