Now, we realise that looking at your pee is not a popular past time – no judgement intended if it is for you – but urine has long been a useful indicator for the state of your health. For instance, if your urine is an amber color, you’re not drinking enough water and if you pee out of your mouth you might be a soft-shell turtle.

Take a look at the golden spectrum of liquid excreta to check whether you’re sufficiently hydrated or if perhaps you might be eating a few too many beets:


So, if your pee is more see-through than your bathroom window, it might be time to cut down on the water. Most shades of yellow indicate that you’ve got your life together, well done. Amber, brown or orange colors mean it’s time to start slinging back water like a fish where as pink or green may be a bigger worry. If you ever think there is something wrong, even if it is a simple shift in your urine color, go to a doctor! Better safe than sorry.


What The Color Of Your Urine Says About You | Cleveland Clinic

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