You Were Wrong About Soda If You Thought Its Sugar Killed Your Teeth


Like it or not, dental health is always linked to overall health in numerous ways. Good teeth and a healthy mouth are needed to chew and swallow food. They are the main team in obtaining nutrients from the meals we eat. In turn, the nutrients will help us maintain robust health. To put it simply, we need our teeth, gums, and mouth to properly take in and digest food.

Furthermore, poor dental health can also adversely affect our self esteem and speech. And as a consequence, dental diseases may lead to more financial and social woes; as dental fees can really suck up your bank savings dry. Also, children and adults alike may miss time in school or work due to dental probems; causing more financial losses.

What does this got to do with sodas? We commonly associate sodas with too much sugar which is obviouly bad for your health. However, it’s not the sugar that destroys teeth and gums. It’s the acid.

Yes, our mouths become acidic from drinking too much soda. In fact, highly acidic beverages dissolve tooth enamel. Overtime, this will lead to having weeker teeth that are, more often than not, prone to cavities. That’s what soda does to your teeth.

Now, I suggest you use your minutes wisely. Study how sodas can lead you to more dental problems you never expected, and right towards the bottom of the infographic, you’ll get free tips for managing acidic erosion.



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