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What Does Your Feet Say About Your Health?



Your feet says a lot about your journey in life. It can also shine light on your lifestyle and daily habits.

Part of staying fit is making sure that one’s feet is always in good condition.

What are signs of unhealthy feet?

If your toe is painfully pointed down, chances are you have hammer toe. This is caused by wearing inadequate footwear. Women are prone to hammer toe when they wear heels that are too small for them.

While hammer toe is an obvious condition due to the clear signs, swollen feet can catch you off guard. Many individuals pass off swollen feet as a common, harmless condition caused by walking around too much.

Unfortunately, it goes deeper than that.

Swollen feet has been linked to lymphedema, high blood pressure and pregnancy.

If you’re concerned about the status of your feet, checkout the infographic for more information on proper foot care.

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