What Are The Best Athletes In The World Eating?


How does your diet compare to the world’s top athletes?

Diets can make or break one’s fitness goals. This infographic covers the general concept behind popular diets such as paleo, vegetarian and gluten-free. Athletes who were successful in incorporating the strict eating restrictions are also mentioned, which is all the proof you need that eating healthy works.

For those who are unsure about the difference between a normal diet and a program for intense training, this infographic cites the details of USADA’s standards for healthy eating.

Monitoring carbohydrates as well as adding the right amount of calories can improve one’s performance at the gym. Furthermore, a proper diet can give you natural energy, and lower your cravings for chips, soda and ice cream.

If you’re wondering who ate 1,000 McNuggets for the 2008 Olympics, or who drank his own urine every morning as a detox ritual, visit the link to the infographic below.

Athletes Eating Habits | Infographic Mania

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