We’ve covered how to make vinegar cleaners smell less, but if you aren’t really sure that you should bother using vinegar around your home more often, then you can’t miss VinegarTips.com’s 1001 uses for white distilled vinegar. Perhaps the most useful section of the site is their cleaning section that includes around 100 ways you can clean with vinegar.

Most of us spend a fair bit of time in front of our computer screens, and a fair number of us squint through eyeglasses while doing so: Quit Streaking: Cleaning Glasses and Screens Without Streaks or Smudges

Among the many, many suggestions as to how to clean with vinegar are how to clean your microwave, remove soap buildup in the dishwasher, getting rid of cloudy residue on glassware and polish brass and copper.

Don’t just run off and start cleaning everything with vinegar though, some things are more complex than others. For example, while you can use a towel soaked in vinegar to clean glassware, polishing brass and copper requires a mixture of ketchup and vinegar.

Original sources – VinegarTips

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