The Drinkable Manual: A Book Filter That Provides 4 Years Of Clean Water


What is the best way to learn about the global concerns related to clean, drinkable water?

First, read about it. Then apply what you’ve learned to your life.

The Drinkable Manual takes this concept one step further by designing an actual book that can filter water. The mind blowing part about this product is that one book can provide clean water for up to 4 years!

Using the new invention is simple. Tear out a page from the book, insert it in the slot of the custom box it comes with, and start pouring water directly on the pad. The water will slowly trickle to the bottom of the box, filtering the liquid along the way.

Because clean water is essential to our health, the Drinkable Manual can and will save lives if used on a regular basis. Next time you donate money to a fundraiser, donate a book instead.

Drinkable Manual | Water is Life

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