Dove is renowned for their numerous campaigns that aim to improve womens’ body image and self-esteem. In their newest ad, psychologist and body image specialist Ann Kearney-Cooke gives volunteers a “Beauty Patch” that supposedly contains ingredients that will enhance the women’s body positivity and the way they view themselves.

The participants then kept video dairies in which they all discussed feelings of confidence and feeling beautiful. But, plot twist: the patch has literally nothing in the patch. I know, shocking. The ability to feel beautiful was simply locked away inside them, probably being guarded by ‘shame’ and ‘unattainable beauty standards’.

It is a bit worrying that women feel their body image can only be boosted using chemicals or in this case a placebo, but that’s the reality. If you are feeling bad about your appearance, if you believe you don’t reach the beauty standards that are shoved in our faces every hour of every day, know that you are the most beautiful version of who you are. Sure you’ll have flaws because we all do, but embrace them and know that your beauty outweighs those flaws.

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