TinkerBots: Legos Of The Future


Tired of what you can do with Legos?

Chances are you played with the famous building blocks growing up. Now your robots aren’t limited to still pieces. You can breathe life to your creations using TinkerBot.

TinkerBots are the new Legos. Apart from being able to build things such as animals, houses and odd shapes, you can also make them move!

Using a power hub, pivots, joints, twisters and your wild imagination, you can bring your creation to life. TinkerBots can be powered using an app that is compatible with Android and iOS systems.

The system can also be used with Legos. This means that you can attach Legos to the main frame and make extensions of your robots.

The toy is ultimately designed for simplicity. A 5 year old can easily make creations without frustration, making the replay value extremely high. Adults can also use TinkerBots to make random objects for the office.

TinkerBots | Indiegogo

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