Throw Your Kicthen Tools Away, All You Need Is The ThingK


Are your kitchen tools dull and boring?

Digital innovation in the kitchen has been limited to refrigerators and ovens. In most cases, they are limited when it comes to functionality and don’t interact with other devices.

The ThingK aims to change that concept by introducing devices that are both useful and smart.

Maybe you’re chopping fruits and you want to check how much you have as you follow a specific recipe. Using the GKILO, you can do that without using a separate scale. Now all you have to do is look down at your chopping board and look at the weight.

The device also doubles as a clock. One can easily setup his or her mobile device to interact with the GKILO through an app.

For those who are looking for creative ways to minimize cross contamination, these devices can deliver the expectations of today’s modern kitchens.

THINGK – Kitchen devices for Internet of Things | Indiegogo


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