This Interactive Graphic Analyzes Your Personality From Your Facebook Posts


Five Labs has created a tool which analyzes the language of your Facebook posts and displays its prediction of your personality in an interactive infographic. You can also see how you compare to your Facebook friends or even celebrities and other famous people. it’s all based on a study from the University of Pennsylvania on personality traits and how they connect to language. Nifty.

I took it for a spin, and I have to say it’s pretty spot on. My most prominent trait by percentage was “openness” (mostly true), while my lowest percentage was in “agreeableness” (whoops…), and the shape of my personality graph was pretty close to those of astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, artist Andy Warhol, and Napster founder Sean Parker. That’s a lot to live up to… What are your results?

Find out on the Five Labs’ site.

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