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Is This Generation Really Obsessed With Selfie?

I admit, I have taken selfies once in a while. What with my career as freelance writer, I’m tempted to take photos of myself every time I have a chance. The thing is, after each break I take, I have time to snap pictures of my neighborhood, the coffee shop I frequent when I desire a change of scenery, or more interestingly… selfies!

Contrary to what many of us in this generation believe, the obsession with selfie has been in effect even in the time of Vincent Van Gogh, Leonado Da Vinci, or even Pablo Picasso. Of course, theirs was called self portraits, and obviously, this narcissistic activity took more of their time compared to taking selfies. Anyway, whichever way you look at it, the principle applied to both self absorbed preoccupation is similar. So… let me ask now… Is this generation really obsessed with selfie? Find out in the graphic on the spot here.


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