Things You Didn't Know Your Sleeping Position Could Say About You


Have you observed how you position yourself when sleeping? I bet, eight out of ten, that you do. You are aware of your frequent sleeping position, even if you have just thought about it. Anyway, we’re covering this because it could, in fact, reveal deep insights about you and your personality.

Let’s look at the most common sleeping positions:

Fetal – people who sleep in this position tend to worry and be anxious. Most of them are the shy and the ultra sensitive personalities in the world.

The Yearner – people who usually sleep in this position lie down on one side with their arms in front. They seemingly look like they’re grasping for something. This could be attributed to the extremely long periods of time they spend making a decision; especially when it’s a crucial one. They are often open minded, but have the tendency to be suspicious, and at times, cynical.

The Log – these people who positions like a log are mostly trusting and a bit naive.

Want to know more? Check the video presentation by Buzzfeed for more interesting and revealing info.

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