Dermablend Professional is renowned for it’s collection of cosmetics that cover a variety of skin conditions, and having previously created a viral video covering “Zombie Boy” Rick Genest’s tattoo’s up, have returned with a new inspiring ad campaign. Youtubers Cassandra Bankson and Cheri Lindsey have both struggled to deal with their skin conditions and the reactions they receive from people because of them throughout their lives. In their “Camo Confessions” Bankson, who suffers from acne and Cheri who has vitiligo, both talk about how make-up allows others to see past their skin and instead to the person beneath.

Where make-up is usually viewed as a way to express yourself or as simply a superficial regime, for these women make-up has helped them avoid stares and – particularly for Cassandra – ridicule.

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Featured photo credit: Cheri’s Camo Confession via

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