These 7 Foods to Your Diet for Better Skin


Want to have smoother, cleaner, more radiant skin? Then start munching on these seven skin-friendly foods as soon as possible and you’ll have better skin in no time. Among those foods recommended for better skin include:

  • Raspberries -These tasty fruits provide ellagic acid to your diet and this antioxidant helps prevent red, inflamed skin.
  • Sweet potatoes -The beta carotene in the sweet potatoes helps fight against skin cancer, which reduces the aging of skin.
  • Tomatoes -The antioxidant lycopene results in smoother, better skin and protects the skin from sun damge.
  • Kiwi -Vitamin C from kiwis maintains collagen, which keeps skin firm. It is also high in vitamin E, which fights free radicals. You can even apply kiwis directly to the face for better skin.
  • Kale -Rich in vitamin A, C and calcium, kale helps fight premature aging from sun damage and has anti-inflammatory properties to improve skin.

Add These 7 Foods to Your Diet for Healthier Skin | Huliq

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