Often we’re told that travelling is one of the crucial experiences of life, something we have to do in order to truly live. That’s all well and good, and more importantly it’s true, but how much do we actually take in when we travel?

That’s where Travel Bag comes in with their compilation of 50 things every traveller should know, in which you can test your travelling trivia. I got 14, not bad; an Adept Adventurer. What’s more interesting to me are the things I didn’t know; thankfully, we also have the answers to the difficult questions!

If you’re in Turkey, you express “no” by raising your eyebrows and tilting your head up and in order to point in Cuba, you simply pucker your lips in the direction you are referring to, did you know that?

Are there any travelling tips you know that aren’t included here?

50 Things A Traveller Should Know | Travel Bag

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