Many people think that they’re safe drivers, but are they really? This infographic shows what it takes to be considered the ultimate safe driver by illustrating eight factors that are used in determining the cost of insurance premiums. For instance, if you’re in an accident you’re no longer considered the safest driver and your insurance premium will go up. Plus, getting into another accident within 12 months will increase your premium by 86%.

The place where you live has a huge influence on how much you pay for insurance. If you’re in an area where theft, vandalism and accidents are high, you’re considered more of a liability and you’ll pay a higher premium. Even your credit history effects how much you pay; those with poor credit pay 91% more than those with excellent credit.

The Ultimate Safe Driver: How Do You Measure Up? Infographic

As you can see, being the ultimate safe driver not only keeps you safe, but also greatly affects your wallet. The less of a liability you are, the less you’ll have to pay each month. How do you measure up? Still think you’re a safe driver according to the above standards?

The Ultimate Safe Driver (Infographic) | Insurance Quotes

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