Good posture, if you consider it more keenly, is more about reaping health benefits from making efforts to have one. It’s beyond looking poised and confident.

On top of that, good posture can lead you to countless favorable consequences: it can possibly get you closer to a dream job (studies have proven that applicants who have good posture perform much better in interviews compared to job seekers with bad posture), a more robust health, or even a more comfortable status in life.

There are numerous ways to maintain good posture. Some of them are:

Sleeping on your side with a pillow in between your legs.

> When sitting, keep your head straight. Don’t tilt it upwards or downwards.

> When walking, hit the ground with your heel first, then roll onto the toe.

Look at the graphic again, you’ll learn more ways to maintain good posture and study the details related to it.

Source:  Greatist

Infographic Design: Voltier Digital

Good posture


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