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The Ultimate Guide To Cooking Rice

Does your rice burn at the bottom of the pot? Is your rice too thick and watery?

Cooking rice is a delicate process. The great part about cooking with the ingredient is that you don’t need to watch over it like soup or fried chicken. Once you master the process, the ordeal is automatic just like making popcorn.

For more information on how to cook rice properly, check out the infographic above. You may notice that each type of rice calls for different measurements of water. Furthermore, the cooking methods slightly vary. This is because larger and longer rice grains absorb water differently compared to round or average rice grains.

Lastly, this chart is a great reminder that you should let your finished product sit before diving in. Good luck!

How do you cook your rice? Let us know what you think.


How To Cook Rice (Food Infographics) | Design Infographics

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