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The Ultimate Etiquette Diagram For Travelers

Proper etiquette and manners can make or break a relationship.

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To make matters more complicated, each country has its own set of guidelines to follow. What is acceptable for some is considered to be rude for others. How will you know whether or not you offended someone who observes a different set of accepted behavior?

The Etiquettrix is the ultimate infographic for individuals who are keen on making a strong first impression. A quick look at the diagram will tell you a specific country’s greeting, end of meal signal, public conduct and cultural values.

For those who frequently travel, this diagram is a must. The infographic doesn’t cover all of the countries, yet. The author tagged the project as a ‘work in progress’, allowing people to contribute to the infographic.

If your country isn’t shown, be sure to check back after a couple of months.


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