This infographic from wego will help you better understand the idiosyncrasies of your spouse for your next holiday trip. Men hate to pack their bags and love it when women do it for them. Men love adventure destinations. Women’s idea of fun is often shopping and sightseeing and getting pampered. While men spend time catching up on news, women have better things to do—like some more shopping (remember, we didn’t say that!).

Men don’t mind taking care of the kids and joining them in fun activities. Women love to take some time off from their kids and indulge in resort amenities like a massage and other spa treats. Come holidays, romance is one thing that both partners find agreeable.

Which of these fun tidbits resonate with you and your spouse? Drop us a line with your holiday quirks in the comments below.

men vs women travellers

The Surprising Truth About Men Vs Women On Holidays | wego


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