Men and women differ in a lot of ways, especially when it comes to sleeping habits. The infographic below shows these differences, based on the surveys of 1,000 UK adults. You’ll see that although men and women tend to do the same things before bed and get close to the same amount of sleep each night, the things needed before bed differ quite a bit.

As you probably know, the things that you do right before going to bed have a huge effect on your ability to get a good night’s sleep. This is why it’s recommended that you not use any electronics before bed, like a cell phone, laptop or tablet, or watch TV. However, you’ll notice that most men and women watch TV right before bed, and very few turn off their electrical devices before bed.

When it comes to what is needed before bed, many women prefer silence right before bed, while men prefer a drink or listening to music. Both genders like to sleep with their phone by the bed, but it seems that only women prefer the bedroom door closed and window open, while a small percentage of men light to sleep with a night light.

The Sleeping Habits Of Men And Women and How They Differ Infographic

After looking over the infographic, do you find that your habits are much like those listed on the infographic? What are your sleeping habits and how do they different from your partner’s?

Men vs. Women – Sleeping Habits (Infographic) | MyBedFrames

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