Ever felt back pain before? You’re not alone. Even in my early twenties, I felt back pains when I indulged in sports and at times when I carry heavy objects, haphazardly. If you had similar experience, don’t worry, according to reliable sources, most people will enounter back pains in their lifetime. The good news is, we can avoid back pains.

I’ll be presenting tips on how to prevent back pains; however, you would benefit from the details about back problems coming up. Three facts from my research caught my attention: One, people with back problems are five times more likely to have psychological distress. Two, 80% of Americans will experience back pains in their lifetime. Three, and the Last, people with back pains are three times more likely to have poor health.

With those above information, I believe from this point on, you are convinced you have to treat your posture and the way you carry things more carefully. If you desire to be healthy and active always, you have to take care of your back.



Back pain is one of the most common physical injuries. 11 Tips on How to Avoid Back Pain

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