One thousand years from now, the buildings and languages that we know and recognise today will have begun to collapse. We will have a new North Star, visible in the space above us, followed by another two thousand years later. In ten thousand years, Chernobyl will finally be a safe place and in fifty thousand years the Niagara Falls will cease to exist due to erosion.

Many of us focus entirely on our current time on this Earth, which arguably we should, or we reminisce and study our past. This is because the future of Earth is often unsure, it is unknown and for some it is even irrelevant as we will not be here. Never the less, the BBC has created an extraordinary timeline of what our future generations can expect.

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In 1,000,000 years, our people will witness the explosion of Betelgeuse, however ever it is thought we will be extinct just 4,000,000 years later. After 3,500,000 years have passed Earth will resemble Venus, with no life left on our planet. In one hundred quadrillion years, it is thought the Earth will finally plunge into the sun if it has not already been destroyed.

This may all seem very morbid, but we have a lot of time left, it’s okay! It simply put into perspective how fragile our world is and so we must never take that for granted.

Timeline of the Far Future | BBC Future

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