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The Evolution Of Endurance Training

Human have evolved to run.

From skin pigmentation to solid bone structure, the human body is designed to perform cardiovascular exercises and tasks.

This transformation would have been more useful during the caveman era. However, knowing how your body has adapted to the hunting and gathering lifestyle can help enhance your training.

By knowing what each body part was designed to do, one can maximize the potential of endurance running. Just how you wouldn’t normally use your feet to pick up items on the table, the same can be said for specific organs and muscle groups when it comes to working out.

This infographic highlights other attributes that can help people exceed their running goals. Eye sight, blood circulation and toe placement are all small factors that can contribute to one’s endurance.

Honing these uncommon parts of the body can separate an individual from competitors who focus solely on running.

Possible Endurance Running Adaptations in Human |

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