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The Cold Beer Hack

Unless you live in the UK, cold warm beer is to be avoided. Not often is freezing cold cartons available straight from the shop; and if they are they warm up on the trip home. Want to waste half an hour waiting for refrigerated beer? Only bought the slab minutes before company arrives?

Try this. I can’t recall a source, I just heard this ’round the traps. The only solution I’ve seen on the web is using a fire extinguisher, and that’s just silly.


If you can, try getting a large tray – smaller if only a few beers – and fill it with salt water and ice cubes. Insert beer, put tray in freezer and wait a couple of minutes. It really only takes 1-2 minutes and you have freezing cold beers.

From what I can gather, the salt in the salt water lowers the freezing point, preventing the water to melt but allowing for equally low temperatures. There is also word of salt water absorbing heat better than regular water.

Either way, if you don’t use the salt, you only wait another minute or so.

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