The Best Way to Keep Lemons Fresh


Certain types of fruits and vegetables can be purchased  at better prices when they are bought in bulk, but how can you keep them long lasting and fresh?

The largest problems with lemons, and many other citrus fruits, is that they become dehydrated when stored for long periods, causing them to turn hard and dry. Members of America’s Test Kitchen conducted an experiment to determine what is the best approach to keep stored lemons fresher for longer periods. The experiment consisted of 3 storage methods in 2 different temperature settings, room temperature and refrigerator temperature. The storage methods used were –

  • Open container
  • Sealed Zip lock bag
  • Sealed Zip lock bag with a quarter cup of water

The result? Use a sealed zip lock bag and store in the fridge. They don’t start dehydrating until after 4 weeks, keeping them moist, juicy and fresh for longer.

Original source: We Prove It: The Best Way to Store Lemons

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