Every now and then Lifehack has given you useful guides to help you mantain a healthy body, either by providing you a list of healthy foods to eat, or a chart of the best workouts you can perform everyday, and how to do them, step by step.

Well, we have another one here. This graphic can assist you on grabbing the best foods to consume for specific parts of your system. That’s what is unique about this guide. It will show you exactly the foods and what they contain to help each particular body part function well. This way, you have a basis every time you go by the staff from the commercial market or the grocery.

This is a body-part-by-body-part guide, and the essential nutrients they need to keep running in high gear. Every one of these tips work hand in hand, so every little act must not be carefully considered. This will make sure your whole body will be perked up by your diet.

Infographic Design: Violette | Published by Gourmandia


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