I have never asked anyone what their favourite sleeping position us and not been met with a passionate, pride filled response. Everyone has a preferred sleeping position, and seem to be bewildered when others say they sleep differently. I’m exactly the same; as I prefer to sleep on my side or stomach I will never understand how anyone can sleep on their back.

In a 2012 survey by home décor company Anna’s Linens, they found that 74% of American’s sleep on their side, compared to 16% who slept on their stomachs, and finally 10% who preferred the absolute madness that is sleeping on their back.

But which is better for you? The Huffington Post has found the pro’s and con’s of all three of the most popular sleeping positions, so we can see which one’s are more likely to benefit us.


How do you usually sleep?

Your Guide To The Best (And Worst) Sleep Positions For You | Huffington Post

Featured photo credit: Dyaa Eldin via unsplash.com

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