It has been traditionally been considered a bit tacky to request money in lieu of gifts for your wedding, but these days, the practice has lost its stigma and has proven to be a great way to get a little financial support towards your honeymoon.

These days, many couples tend to turn their wedding registry into a honeymoon gift list where guests can contribute anything from toiletries for the trip to experiences like hot air ballooning to enhance the experience. Those who create honeymoon gift lists have, on average, around 29% of the trip paid for by friends and family members.

And remember, just because your wedding has passed doesn’t mean you should give assume you have received all of your gifts. In fact, as many as 14% of people end up giving gifts after the wedding.


Original Source –Nerd Graphics

If you’re ever stumped about what to get someone as a gift, a basket or box filled with fun stuff is always a great fall-back plan: 20 Eco-Friendly Basket and Gift Box Ideas


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