The Benefits of Biking to Work


Biking to work isn’t an option available to everyone as some commutes are just too lengthy for bike travel and others have physical restrictions that prevent them from bicycling. That being said, if you do live close enough to your workplace to try biking to work, there are a lot of benefits to doing so.

Obviously, biking to work is great for your body. In fact, riding a bike for three hours a week can cut your risk for heart disease by 50%. Plus, biking to work for a year can help the average person lose 13 pounds.

The next benefit is that you can save money by biking to work. In fact, the average annual operating expenses of a bike is $7,692 less than the average cost of operating a car for a year. Plus, you can also healthcare costs by improving your overall health.

One benefit this infographic fails to mention is the psychological impact of biking to work. Exercise can improve your mood and sitting in rush hour traffic does the exact opposite, so by biking to work, you’ll also be a lot happier both in the office and when you get back home in the evening.



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