Whether you’re trying you hand at gardening for the first time and just bought a dozen plants from the nursery or you’ve started some seedlings and don’t know how to ready them for bigger planters, this beginners guide to transplanting plants by San Diego Hydroponics is incredibly useful for anyone inexperienced in plant transplantation.

While it’s obvious that you need to fill the new pot up with soil, this guide instructs you to ensure that the new soil is treated and maintained in a similar manner to the soil your plant already lives in. For example, if you have loose, acidic soil on your blueberry bush, don’t suddenly plop it into a pot filled with heavy, alkaline clay soil. Next, tease out the roots without damaging them so they will be ready to expand into their new, more spacious environment. Lastly, water the plants until water runs out from the new container.

While you now have the basics, be sure to read the entire article to learn even more useful tips for transplanting plants for the first time.

Original Source – Sdhydroponics

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