The ABCs of Grilling Chicken


Sure, summer is almost over, but if you’re planning to grill on Labor Day, it never hurts to be reminded of the safety precautions necessary to remember when grilling chicken. In this case, the ABC’s are quite literal, as this Foster Farms infographic breaks the steps into At the store, Basics in the kitchen, Cooking on the grill and Storing it wisely.

A few basics you should always remember include defrosting your meat before you cook it, always using separate cooking boards for meat and veggies and keeping raw meats away from veggies and ready-to-eat foods in the store and your fridge. But the point of this infographic really is to teach you about grilling chicken safely and there are plenty of important rules very specific to grilling.

For example, use two tongs and two plates for handling and storing raw chicken and cooked chicken separately. Also, bring a meat thermometer along when grilling chicken so you can ensure that the thickest point of meat has reached at least 165 -a safe temperature to ensure all of the bacteria is killed.

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