Teach Your Kids How To Brush Their Teeth With The FunBrush App


Are you having a hard time teaching your kid how to brush his or her teeth?

Try using the Funbrush app.

Kids can be difficult when it comes to doing boring routines. Funbrush allows stubborn children to interact with jungle animals while brushing their teeth. The game has a cool theme that is friendly and engaging. You might even want to play the game yourself!

The app can also serve as a distraction for kids who can’t stand still in front of the mirror. Funbrush has different levels that kids can grow into. Due to the high replay value, you can be sure that your child will look forward to brushing his or her teeth every night.

If you can’t monitor your child during the process, don’t worry. The app has a tracking feature that checks on the consistency of your kid’s progress.

FunBrush – great interactive toothbrush for kids | Kickstarter

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