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Study Shows That Your Belief Of Having Slept Well Improves Your Brain Performance

This study has reflected human’s mental power – our faith and belief can actually change the way we act. In the experiment, participants were lied about their sleep quality. Some were told that they had above average REM sleep while others were told that they had below average REM sleep. After that, they had to take a test that measures “auditory attention and speed of processing, skills most affected by sleep deprivation”. The former ones performed better on the test, while the latter ones performed worse.

“Mindset can influence cognitive states in both positive and negative directions, suggesting a means of controlling one’s health and cognition.”
– Placebo Sleep Affects Cognitive Functioning, The Journal of Experimental Psychology


Read the full story by the Atlantic here.

It’s surprising to know that if you believe that you’ve slept well even though you haven’t, you can have better brain performance than those who don’t. The placebo effect is like a game you can play with your brain. If you play it well, you probably can do a lot better than you ever imagined.

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