Do you work with a computer all day? Yes? Then you’re at risk of developing an eye disease that can haunt you for the rest of your life. In a recent study conducted in Japan, ophthalmologists report that people who stare at computer screens for most of the day have changes in their tear fluid almost identical to the ones people with the eye disease commonly called dry eye.

Protein secretions known as MUC5AC coming from the upper eyelid cells partly compose the mucus layer that normally occur to maintain eye moisture. This mucus is also referred to as “tear film” by medical practitioners. Findings revealed that the participants who had the most time in front of screens possess MUC5AC levels which are near those of patients with dry eye. Want to preserve healthy eyes? Watch the video.

Original Source: Staring At Screens All Day Changes Your Eyes, Study Finds by Kathryn Doyle via Huffington Post

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