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Sleep Is Essential, But Research Shows You're Not Getting Enough Of It


How much sleep are you getting every night? Instead of reaching for that extra cup of coffee in the afternoon, you should consider going to bed a bit earlier for more rest.

This is because sleep can give you more natural energy in the day. Not getting enough of it can cause several health problems and make you more susceptible to disease. Furthermore, drowsiness is the number one cause of car accidents.

These days, there are numerous ways you can make sure you get adequate amounts of sleep. The first way is by avoiding electronics before sleeping. The light from the screen can reduce the body’s ability to produce melatonin. The next way is exercising. Stored energy can make you feel restless at night. A 30-minute jog, warm shower and a cup of milk is a great nightly routine to point you in the right direction for quality sleep.

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