Silly Diet Coke Hack


In the US at least, Coke is mucking around with flavors in their soda. Really, all of them are. Dr. Pepper has this one flavor that’s like… turbo vanilla cherry icecube something Dr. Pepper. Diet Coke stays closer to home, with things like lemon, lime, cherry, vanilla.

So the other day at work, I had an open container of 4C iced green tea mix sitting on my desk, and I’d just brought back a 20 ounce bottle of diet Coke from the vending machine. I put the Coke down beside the mix, and then thought… hmmm.

Diet Coke with 4C brand diet Green Tea powder (just a… pinky knuckle worth) was pretty tasty. Plus, it had a puny amount of anti-oxidants (I’m not fooling you with that, but whatever), and it added some caffeine, to give me that JOLT! experience.

Crystal Light makes a gatrillion other flavors. So, if you want to mess around with flavoring your Coke, and don’t want to be stuck with just lemon, lime, cherry, or vanilla, have at.

But the *real* hack is this: if you buy those mixes, and use them with water, you’ll be able to add to your daily fluid intake requirements. I mean hey, they’re already there on the desk waiting for Coke. Why not add them to some water?

–Chris Brogan isn’t good at being sneaky. He blogs at [] and does a fitness podcast for the Health Hacks Podcast, starting shortly.

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