You might have heard that men tend to prefer protien while women tend to enjoy carbs more, but even if this belief is true, do these preferences actually have to do with the needs of our bodies? Yes… and no.

Every body has different nutritional needs based on the person’s metabolism, weight, muscle to fat ratio, hormones and other factors. That being said, the average male and female body do need to eat differently, but that doesn’t mean women need more carbs then men.

In fact, just because male bodies tend to be larger, they tend to need more protien and more carbs than females. Women do need to eat differently from men, aside from just eating proportionally smaller meals though. They need to intake more calcium and more iron proportional to body size in order to prevent osteoporosis and anemia, which women are more prone to then men.

Original Source – Should men and women eat differently? [Pick the brain]

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