In this new ad from Goldie Box, a toy company that has often dedicated their brand to empowering young women, we see the drastic difference between “your brain on princess” and “your brain on engineering”. “Your brain” is also an egg because Easter. The ad culminates by saying:

“Girls are more than just princesses… they are our greatest resource.”

This is my favourite part of the ad as it doesn’t completely demonise the idea of little girl wanting to be princesses. A lot of the comments on the video also complain that the ad borderline shames women who want to become something that isn’t based in the sciences which I don’t think is the case at all. Little girls should be encouraged to become whatever they want to be, the point is that at this time there is little encouragement for girls that want to work in science which is where ads such as these step in.

What do you think?

Featured photo credit: This is Your Brain on Engineering (GoldieBlox Easter PSA) via

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