Sensibo - Make any air conditioner smart

Is your air conditioner basic and boring? Not to worry, in an age where everything is smart or can be made smart in a snap, the air conditioner hasn’t been forgotten. Sensibo is a small device that attaches to any air conditioning unit that has a remote control and makes it smarter, by connecting it to the Internet. Once connected, you can use the Android, iOS or Pebble app to control your air conditioner.

I wasn’t 100% sold on the idea of this gadget until I watched the video. Not only does it really make you want to try out Sensibo for yourself, but it’s also very entertaining.

You’re probably wondering why you would want to have a smart air conditioner. Wouldn’t it be nice to cool down your home before arriving from work? Instead of leaving the AC on all day, you can save money by turning it off or at least to a higher temperature until it’s time to go home. It can also help to optimize your temperature and humidity levels.

Anything that aims to save me money is definitely worth a try. Sensibo’s only limitation is that it won’t work for those with outdoor units or units without a remote control.

Sensibo: Make any air conditioner smart | Indiegogo

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