How Ikea Is Saving Local Animals Will Make You Value Lives More


Plenty of companies donate money and goods to local charities that help homeless animals, but Swedish furniture giant Ikea has gone one step further. Their stores in Tempe, Arizona and Singapore have started a new program to rescue pets by placing life-size cardboard cutouts of cats and dogs in their showrooms. Each of the cutouts has a tag that says “Adopt a pet to complete your home,” and has a code that customers can scan with their smart phones to learn more about the animals.

Ikea has teamed up with Home for Hope, a group of animal rescue charities, for the project. According to Business Insider, the program has been quite successful so far, with all of the pets displayed in the Tempe store having been adopted already. Hopefully this system continues to succeed and expands to more of Ikea’s many stores worldwide. Watch the video to learn more about Ikea’s efforts to help homeless animals.

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